As a PT I am self-employed. I have to promote my own business, find potential clients and convert them into paying clients. This is how most PTs work. One of the ways to do this (and biggest crazes at the moment for PTs), is to build your own website and create social media pages. It is a great way for us to interact with current clients, potential clients and promote yourself as a business.

PT websites, social media pages and blogs are full of marketing strategies. Each PT is trying to get noticed, in order to drum up potential business. This usually means that the PT will claim to be an expert in weight loss, body transformations, blah blah blah. They will spew out advice about different topics, telling you what you should do or not do to achieve your goals. A lot of this is to try and make it seem like they have superior knowledge and that you need to buy into their approach to training.

Once you realise that everyone has an agenda, then you will be able to see past the marketing rubbish. You will then be able to determine if the PT actually knows their stuff or not and you will actually start building up some real training knowledge. This is why you read our blogs in the first place right?

So what’s my agenda?

Well…. the marketing fluff I have just spoken about is exactly what I am doing….

I am using my website and social media to educate you on what real training is all about and how to sieve through all the rubbish in the “fitness” industry. You just need to decide for yourself if I am worth listening to or not.

Happy reading.

Nick Jacquet.