Nick Jacquet
Nick JacquetPersonal Trainer
Nick is a REPs level 3 qualified personal trainer who specialises in Strength and Conditioning for sport and Training for Health. He has an academic background having studied a degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University (the best University in the country for Sports Science Courses).

Nick’s training philosophy is all about functional exercises applied with expert knowledge. He has vast experience in how to develop power, strength and mobility.

Nick is based at Puregym Greenwich Movement which is in Greenwich in South East London.

Nick puts his love of fitness down to his love of sport in particular American Football. He has been playing American Football for over 10 years and has been coaching youth American Football for 2 years. Nick plays Quarterback for the London Warriors AFC who are 3 times National Champions for 2013, 2014 and most recently 2015.

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Which Back Squat Technique to Use and the Depth to Strive For.

No matter which style/technique of back squat some things are the same. The major 2 in common are: the back always needs to be in a position to be able to support the load and […]

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Introduction To My Blog

As a PT I am self-employed. I have to promote my own business, find potential clients and convert them into paying clients. This is how most PTs work. One of the ways to do this […]

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WordPress Resources at SiteGround

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